“Jimi Hendrix” video slot

The sound of rock in the Jimi Hendrix video slot

Let’s be honest the human life would be so dull and uninteresting without music. Various melodies often reflect our mood and state of mind. The company NetEnt presented yet another one of its music-themed developments – the “Jimi Hendrix” online slot. It’s unlikely that Jimi Hendrix needs any introduction to the fans of rock music. This slot is an excellent choice for the 80s fans since Jimi Hendrix was an idol for such musicians, like The Beatles and Queen. This legendary man, whose skills were beyond praise, is the main character of this slot game, which brings a whole range of vivid emotions to the player.

The plot of the “Jimi Hendrix” slot perfectly outplays the development of the popular musical subculture, using the life and work history of the famous rock guitarist as an example. A spirit of freedom, ease and the desire to conquer the whole world – these are the main emotions of the game. So if you love the art of brilliant guitar virtuoso, you simply have to try this amazing video slot. We will help you to understand the rules and features of the Jimi Hendrix online slot.

“Jimi Hendrix” video slot

“Jimi Hendrix” video slot

1. Design

When you start playing the Jimi Hendrix video slot, you will notice a few points about the graphics. First of all, the design looks more cartoonish than realistic. Second of all, the HD graphics used by NetEnt to decorate every symbol and every aspect of the game has such a high-quality that you will experience a true visual pleasure from the game.

The overall look of the “Jimi Hendrix” slot is very similar to the classic retro slot machines. The design is quite colorful and attractive. The sides of the reels decorated with flowers, which is somewhat reminiscent the era of hippies. Pleasant background tone creates a sepia effect and positively perceived by the player. The style of the slot fully corresponds to the theme chosen by the developers, demonstrating Jimi Hendrix in the rays of glory and shows his unique technique of playing electric guitar. Each symbol plays the tribute to the talent of the famous musician, illustrating old vinyl records and fashionable electric guitar. At the same time, animation effects transfer users to the crowded concert halls, creating a mood of readiness for new achievements and victories.

But the main highlight of this videos slot is the soundtrack, which consists of the best hits by Jimi Hendrix. The slot was developed together with the family companies of the Jimi Hendrix brand. These companies, which are run by musician’s family, own the copyright to the music and Jimi Hendrix trademark. Therefore the online slot features some of the most famous songs, including "Foxy Lady", "Purple Haze", "Crosstown Traffic" and "Little Wing".

2. Interface

The control panel of the Jimi Hendrix slot is standard, as in all the games of this developer. The main control buttons are located right under the reels and consist of: a round button in the center of a panel, which starts the reels, “Coins”, “Coin Value”, “Max Bet”, “Auto Play”, “Level” and “Bet” buttons. The information tab consists of numerous pages, which describe all the key aspects of the rules. Clicking on the question mark opens additional help. The settings for sound, speed of spins and screen are available in the left bottom corner of the game screen.

Control panel of the “Jimi Hendrix” slot

Control panel of the “Jimi Hendrix” slot

3. Gameplay

The “Jimi Hendrix” game is a five-reel slot with twenty always-engaged lines and fifteen images on the screen. The player can bet from twenty to two hundred coins per spin. The denomination of the coins can be 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50 or 1 credit. The rules of the combinations are pretty standard: several identical symbols have to form a line starting from the first column. The size of the win is determined by the bet per line and the coefficient from 5 to 400. There is a particular coefficient for each of the possible combinations. All the money is transferred to the account after the stop of the reels. Unfortunately, there’s no doubling game in the “Jimi Hendrix” video slot.

Winning bet lines combinations

Winning bet lines combinations

4. Special features

The symbols in the slot are represented by the following images: a peace sign, a heart, a vinyl record, a flower and an eye. Also, there are five denominations of cards, which are decorated with different objects. The special symbols of the slot include:

a. Wild (a close-up picture of Jimi Hendrix) – substitutes for all the symbols, except for the Scatter and gives a bonus of 2, 20, 100 or 400 coins;
b. Purple Haze (Jimi in a red shirt and with a guitar). This symbol appears only on the first reel and turns all denominations of the cards into the Wild, but only for one spin. “Purple Haze” is also used as a Wild symbol.
c. Scatter (Jimi in a white shirt with a guitar). If there are at least three symbols on the reels, it will activate the “Pick and Click” bonus round.

Description: The “Wild” symbol

Description: The “Wild” symbol

5. Bonuses

Even the most experienced player will be pleased with the variety of the bonus games in the “Jimi Hendrix” slot. There six main bonuses and the two of them can be found in the main game.

If the player gets a combination of 4 or more red guitar symbols, the “Red Guitar Re-spin” bonus will be activated. If during this free spin another red guitar symbol will be obtained, the user gets one more free spin. This bonus ends, if during the “Red Guitar Re-spin” will be no “red guitar” symbols.

The second bonus is called “Purple Haze”, and it is even better than the first one. When a player comes across the symbol Purple Haze on the first reel, the symbols can turn into “Wild”, which now can replace all the other symbols (except for the Scatter).

The remaining four bonuses can be seen only in the separate bonus “Pick and Click” game. In order to activate it, the player has to get 3 Scatter symbols on the third, fourth and fifth reels. During the “Pick and Click” bonus game, the user can get one of 4 bonus prizes:

a. payment – winning amount in the size of from eight to thirty bets;
b. Crosstown Traffic Free Spins – the player is provided with six free-pins, where one or more reels is occupied by the Wild symbol;
c. Purple Haze Free Spins – starts from six to twelve free spins, in which Purple Haze symbols turn into Wild;
d. Little Wing Free Spins - Start from six to twelve spins with additional three to five Wild symbols.

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