Review of Guns N Roses Slot

Review of Guns N Roses Slot

Music Has Inspired Generations

As the name suggests, this particular slot game was inspired by the famous rock and metal band Guns N Roses. This is yet another offering from NetEnt, one of the pioneers of online video slot machine games on the Irockstar_601xnternet.

The graphics of the gameplay are heavily inspired from that of a hard rock band, and you will find elements of music sprinkled throughout the gameplay. The rock band inspires even the music of the game.

No matter the genre, some bands are just timeless and Guns N Roses are one such band. Their music has inspired generations and connected with the audience even today. NetEnt has done an excellent job on the theme of the game and the animations, which are simply amazing. The character and poker symbols are appropriate.

Fans are leaving reviews on the social media, and so far they are liking what they are seeing. It is one of the best looking and sounding video slot game from NetEnt yet. The presentation is excellent, and the animation is smooth.

There are five reels and 25 paylines in this video slot game that comes with regular and some special bonuses. These bonuses are triggered with the help of scatter symbols. Guns N Roses video slot machine game successfully brings elements of a rock band to the forefront. Players who grew up in the late 80s and early 90s listening to the music of Guns N Roses and other rock bands are in for a treat. They will fall in love with the slot game and will want to come back again and again.

NetEnt has done it once again. They have successfully not only launched an innovative video slot game with intuitive graphics and fun animations, but they have yet again won the hearts of their fans with their dedication and passion for online gaming.

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