Play like a rock star: the world of music-themed online slots

The history of slot machines begins somewhere in the 1880s when an American Charles Fey created the first mechanical slot and named it a “Liberty Bell”. This slot had three reels, where each one had ten symbols on it. The first ever slot symbols were peaks, tambourines, worms, horseshoes and the Liberty Bell itself. The payment principle was actually quite modern: the player had to put five cents and pull the lever. When the reels stopped spinning, the player received a win, which maximum was ten coins.

Since then slot games have continued to evolve. Graphics became almost too realistic, the number of lines has increased, jackpots have grown significantly, Wild and Scatter symbols are now a part of every game. Free spins and a variety of bonus games give the player a chance to get a huge payout. But one major feature of a modern slot game is its ability to bring joy to the player in online form. There’s no more need to go to the casino or even spend real money since many online slots have free versions.

The difference between online slot games and other gambling is simplicity. There is no need to make any calculations to get a win. The player just has to press couple buttons and win money, even with a small bet. The payout ratio from online games is usually higher because virtual slots do not require maintenance, like regular slot machines. Also, finding your favorite slot game is very easy. Just spend a few minutes scrolling through hundreds of available games with different designs, themes and gameplay.

Music-themed online slots have a tremendous success among players. And no wonder, since music takes a big part in most people's lives. Music often reflects our mood or simply brings more colors into a day to day life. One of the factors of such popularity of music-themed slots is, of course, soundtracks. The background tunes make the game experience, even more, fun and exciting. At the same time the design of little things, like buttons, symbols or game field also maintain the coherent theme. Usually, images of instruments, members of the game and other music attributes are present in the game, which make the slot more interesting and visually pleasing.

Slot machine

Slot machine

A lot of well-known game software developers start to use rock n’ roll theme in their slot games. Dark graphics with bolds colors, high-quality animation of playing musicians, crazy guitar solos and legendary hits take the player into another dimension, where one can feel like a real rock star. By the way, both rock music and gambling evoke similar feelings in its fans, bringing drive and adrenaline. These emotions of excitement make rock-themed slots very popular among gamblers.

Since today there are quite a few options to choose from, we offer a set of articles dedicated mainly to the music-themed online slots. We present selections of online slots devoted to a particular music band (Guns n’ Roses or KISS) or even a certain singer (Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley). If you don’t have any music preferences, there are also several slots dedicated to a music genre in general (for example jazz). And even if you have already chosen a slot to play, sometimes it might be hard to understand all the rules of the game, especially if you a novice. And here we are again to help you explain all about winning combinations, special symbols and features, as well as types of bonus games.

If you are fond of rock n’ roll of just music in general, you’ll be pleased with the amount of positive emotions you can get from playing rock-themed online slots. In our articles, we want to tell you all about the world of music-themed online slots and show all of the unique features to help you get the biggest win.

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