“Motörhead” online slot

Feel the drive with these 5 online slots dedicated to a rock band

Wild rhythm and impressive guitar solos are the main features of rock music. These days you don’t even need to go to a real concert since a lot of online game creators offer a ticket to a virtual rock performance through their music-themed slots. Well-known game software developers often turn their attention to the culture of rock music and dedicate their slot games to a particular band. Today we want to present you five online slots, where carefully picked soundtracks will make you a little closer to your favorite musicians.

1. Motörhead

The company NetEnt decided to create an online slot dedicated to the world famous band Motörhead. The “Motörhead” slot is popular not only among the heavy-rock fans and those who love to listen to the bass guitar and powerful drums, but also people, who love drive and adrenaline. This video slot plays tribute to the creator of the band and the legendary man Ian Kilmister, also known as Lemmy.

The visual presentation of the slot is very impressive. The color choice consists exclusively of gray shades, which emphasizes not only the musical style of the Motörhead but also the meaning of their songs. High-quality graphics allows the users to experience the most sincere emotions, which is very rare in the thematic slot games. Also, an incredibly driving soundtrack will delight players throughout the gameplay.

The “Motörhead” interface also has several original features. First of all, there are five reels, but all of them have a different number of rows, starting from three and up to five. Secondly, the main screen has no line indicators, since this setting cannot be controlled by the user. There are 76 constantly active lines in this slot, which makes the game very dynamic.

“Motörhead” online slot

“Motörhead” online slot


The company WMS presented an online slot dedicated to a famous rock band KISS. The slot is designed as a concert stage, has mainly dark colors, as well as a unique structure of the reels. Soundtracks, which player can enjoy during the game, make the “KISS” slot incredibly exciting. The developers aimed to recreate an atmosphere of a real rock concert along with its powerful energy.

As it was said earlier, the main feature of the “KISS” slot is its unique location of the reels. There are ten reels in total, but they are placed in two separate windows, five in each. The first window (main reel set) has four rows, while the second one (colossal reel set) has twelve. The player may choose twenty, forty, sixty, eighty or hundred lines to play. The bet is made on two lines at the same time, and its maximum size is one hundred and fifty dollars per spin.

The gameplay rules are pretty standard: winning combination consists of three, four or five matching symbols located on the same active line. The size of the winning depends on the coefficient, which is described in a play table.

“KISS” online slot

“KISS” online slot

3. Megadeth

It seems like there are some heavy metal fans among the developers of Leander Games since they presented a video slot dedicated to the legendary band called Megadeth. Over time Megadeth has managed to become one of four best bands in the thrash metal genre.

This five reel video slot has forty constantly active lines. The user can bet a minimum of one cent or raise the bet up to six dollars. The maximum bet per spin is two hundred forty dollars. The symbols of this video slot are depicted as the images of the members of the band: David Ellefson, Shawn Drover and Chris Broderick. The image of Dave Mustaine presented as a Wild symbol, which can replace other symbols or stretch onto the whole reel.

Overall, the “Megadeth” online slot is a very high-quality game. Great graphics, interesting gameplay, convenient control panel and excellent soundtrack will bring a lot of pleasure not only to the fans of heavy music but to the online slot game fans in general.

“Megadeth” online slot

“Megadeth” online slot

4. Guns n’ Roses

An online slot “Guns n’ Roses” is a great gift from the NetEnt company to all the fans of the famous rock band. The gamers will experience high-quality animation, amazing graphics and, of course, best soundtracks. This 5 reels online slot features a variety of bonus rounds and special symbols, which help to collect a big win.

The plot of the slot takes place on an open-air concert, which is a main background of the game. Images of the members of the Guns n’ Roses band, along with mediators, records and playing cards decorated with roses are used as symbols in this slot. Three, four or five identical symbols form a winning combination. There are also some additional bonuses (free spins and multipliers), which may be activated during the main game.

“Guns n’ Roses” online slot

“Guns n’ Roses” online slot

5. Plumbo

Plumbo is a music-themed online slot created by BetSoft Gaming and dedicated to the eponymous Norwegian folk-rock band. This video slot has five reels, twenty-five lines along with special symbols and free spins. Winning combinations are formed with two, and sometimes three or more identical symbols. The size of the winning depends on the bet and coefficient of the particular combination (maximum x1000).

The images of the members of the band appear on the symbols of the “Plumbo” video slot. If the user forms a combination, one of the symbols increases in size and a band member plays on its instrument. There are also two special symbols: Wild and Scatter. The Wild symbol, as usual, replaces other symbols, while the Scatter symbol (a neon sign of the name of the band) forms a combination regardless of its location on the game field.

The "Plumbo" video slot has a very unusual theme. And although there are not that many game options or features, the high-quality graphics and overall design make this game popular among the rock fans.

“Plumbo” online slot

“Plumbo” online slot

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