A Review of Rockstar Slots by Betsoft

A Review of Rockstar Slots by Betsoft


Rock Music Industry

One of the newest slot machine games from Betsoft is Rockstar. Betsoft is an innovative gambling and casino company that is known for games like Charms and Clovers, The Tipsy Tourist and much more. With Rockstar, as the name suggests, the company is trying to capture the lifestyle of a rockstar.

The moment you enter the game, you will be ushered into a world of fame, success, money and groupies. You will be the star, a rockstar and get to experience firsthand the lifestyle of a rockstar and what it entails.tipsy-tourist-slots

Hailed as one of the best-themed game from Betsoft yet, it includes several features and rewards for players such as the multiplayer symbols.

This online slot machine game has five reels, 30 pay lines that allow you to bet a maximum of 5 coins per pay line. Enthusiasts and players across the world are talking about this slot machine game as being one of the best 3D slot machine games in the gambling world due to its fantastic set of animations and visuals.

You will notice several voice-overs, witness a lot of action and the music is worthy of the name Rockstar. As with other slot games, the objective of the game is to match the symbols to move up in the world, be more successful and make more money.

The symbols will remind you of the rock music industry with labels, magazines, alcohol bottles, groupies and more. You will get a reward only when you get three or more symbols in a row.

There are some special symbols included in the game, which act as hidden features of the game. Three guitars will unlock a feature called Epic Solo that will let you choose between electrified symbols. Choosing the correct symbol will win you special bonus. There are also gold and platinum records symbols, which act as wild symbols and can be substituted for any symbol thereby increasing your chances of winning. A golf record can double your winnings and a platinum record can multiply it by 5.

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