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7 online slot games for those who love rock n’ roll music

The creators of online slots always try to come up with a variety of games to satisfy the need of the most demanding player. This desire is reflected in the whole series of themed online slot games. Many regular casino customers often combine their love of gambling with the love of good music. Therefore game developers from time to time come up with new online slots dedicated to the history of music and legendary singers. Video and graphics, in these slot games, are based on the work of a particular musician or a music genre. As for the soundtracks, creators often use well-known or not so well-known compositions. We offer a short overview of online slot games for those who like to mix good music and a charge of adrenaline.

1. Rock'n'Roller

The “Rock’n’Roller” online slot presented by the company called Playtech and can be a great choice for those, who like rock music and its free spirit. This music-themed slot has beautifully designed symbols with the images of the guitar, drums, harmonica, etc. But the biggest winning can be obtained if the user gets gold or platinum records symbols.

The slot itself consists of three reels and five play lines. The player can make a bet worth 5, 10, 25 or 50 cents. There are 12 winning combinations, which bring different winnings, ranging from 2 bets to the jackpot. A combination of tree platinum records on one line in the bottom row brings a 700 bet size jackpot.

“Rock’n’Roller” online slot

“Rock’n’Roller” online slot

2. Rock the Boat

The developers at the Microgaming decided to simplify the process of the game as much as possible and give music a little more space. Just like in good old days, the slot “Rock the Boat” has only three reels. There is just nothing extra, including no bonus games. At the same time “Rock the Boat” is charged with great music, which creates and amazingly cozy atmosphere, as soon as you start the game.

The interface of the “Rock the Boat” slot is designed in rock n’ roll style, and the main character of the game is Elvis Presley. Stylish Wild symbol depict the image of the King himself and significantly increases your chances of winning due to its ability to replace other symbols. The player may win a jackpot if lucky enough to get three Wild symbols at the same time.

“Rock the Boat” online slot

“Rock the Boat” online slot

3. Get Rocked

The “Get Rocked” slot has original design, a stylish font and logo, which fully represent rock music theme of the game. This five reel slot has a lot of unique features along with the drum solo, which brings even more excitement to the game.

The “Get Rocked” online slot has both thematic (soloists, guitarists, drummers, keyboardists and the game's logo) and standard symbols (playing cards). There is also a Wild symbol (the frontman), which can replace anything except for the Scatter (the stage). When the Scatter symbol appears simultaneously on the second and fourth reels, the user gets a chance to play a bonus game. The size of a jackpot can reach up to 12500 dollars.

4. Rock Star Riches

Trimark’s online slot “Rock Star Riches” can please any gamer with its excellent graphics, classic symbols, user-friendly interface and soundtracks. Although there is nothing unique about the gaming features, the rock theme of the slot attracts many players around the world.

The “Rock Star Riches” online slot has fifteen symbols located on five rows and twenty-five lines. Several identical symbols form a winning combination. Each combination has its coefficient, which determines the size of the payment. Sometimes several winning combinations may be obtained at the same time. In this case, the winnings will be added. The play table of the slot has a description of all special symbols and free spins.

 “Rock Star Riches” online slot

“Rock Star Riches” online slot

5. Rockstar

The name of this slot speaks for itself and it is not very hard to figure that this game is dedicated to the rock music. The developers at BetSoft Gaming decided to create an online slot, where the player can feel himself as a real rock star. Magnificent three-dimensional graphics and very high-quality sound effects make an impression of a full presence in the world of show business.

During the gameplay you will come across such symbols as members of the band, a girl fan, a disc, a rock magazine, a bottle of whiskey, a guitar and other. The image of VIP tickets is used as Bonus symbol, while guitar symbols can launch a bonus game, where player can win credits right away.

6. Rock on!

The company Rival, a famous game software developer, has pleased its fans with an online music slot “Rock on!”. This slot can boast bright graphics, a dynamic storyline and, of course, brilliantly implemented rock n’ roll music. Each spin is accompanied by the guitar and drums sounds. You’ll hear the fans scream on the background, which will transfer you to a special musical atmosphere.

Bonus game of the “Rock on!” online slot deserves special attention. Three Scatter symbols launch a bonus game, where the user has to play different songs on a guitar. The difficulty increases with every new song, although the size of the winnings increases as well. You will receive the payment right after the end of the bonus game.

“Rock on!” online slot

“Rock on!” online slot

7. Reels of rock

The company BetOnSoft offers an incredible music-themed slot called “Reels on rock”. This slot game is entirely dedicated to the rock n’ roll and everything associated with it. The plot of the game takes place on an open concert stage. Two huge speakers are located on the sides, along with green trees behind the stage.

The “Reels of rock” has five reels and nine lines. Winning combinations can bring the player up to 2500 coins. Symbols designed with accordance to the main theme of the game and presented as a microphone, guitar, drums, backstage pass and other concert attributes. Bonus game can be activated if the player obtains three or more symbols with an image of a tour bus.

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