“Dj Wild” online slot

5 online slot games with different music styles

Music unites millions of people all around the world. But many of us have our own tastes and preferences. Some enjoy the sound of rock n' roll, while others love the jazz tunes in their ears. But no matter what music styles you prefer, it seems that game developers have an online slot for everyone. We found five fantastic music-themed slots, which fit five genres from classical to electronic. And the best thing is that besides cool soundtracks, these slots have very high-quality graphics, simple gameplay and excellent bonuses.

1. The Jazz Club

Jazz is known as the music of free people. The main features of this style are improvisation, swing and polyrhythm. The company Playtech offers its users to enjoy jazz tunes in an online slot game “The Jazz Club”. The visual design of the slot creates an impression of visiting a real jazz club. Dim lights, glowing signboard and the look of the buttons compliment the main theme of the game.

For those, who are new to “The Jazz Club” video slot, there is an “Info” tab explaining everything about the symbols and their combinations. Those, who have more experience, can start the game right away. All the user needs to do is choose the number of play lines and set the bet. After pressing “Spin” or “Auto start”, the reels start rotating. The spin can be stopped anytime in both auto and standard mode.

If you are lucky to get three or more Scatter symbols, you’ll receive a bonus game. Here you have to choose one of the virtuoso soloists: a pianist, a trumpeter or a double bass player. Each one of them brings special winnings.

 “The Jazz Club” online slot

“The Jazz Club” online slot

2. Dj Wild

The company ELK is engaged in the development of online slots with interesting plots. Video slot “Dj Wild” combines two themes (disco music and fruity story) and makes the player feel like a famous DJ in the virtual night club. This slot brings lots of positive emotions, as well as major winnings. It also has bright animated graphics, which makes the gameplay even more fascinating. The symbols presented as the images of fruits and DJ attributes. And, of course, the “Dj Wild” slot offers incendiary melody and great sound effects.

The control panel of the “Dj Wild” online slot is hidden and at first glance has only three buttons. The one in the left bottom corner opens a tab, where the player can choose the bet. In the same tab, the user can also select a betting strategy or just use a traditional one.

You should also know that this video slot has the most important Wild symbol, which is not only able to replace other symbols but provides a jackpot. Another feature of the Wild symbol is its ability to activate a free spin, which increases the chances to form more winning combinations.

“Dj Wild” online slot

“Dj Wild” online slot

3. Vivaldi`s Seasons

High 5 Games present an online slot, which combines a unique idea and an opportunity for the user to feel like a music critic. The central plot of the “Vivaldi’s Seasons” slot is the creation of the great Italian composer “Seasons”.

The design of the slot describes the main theme. Due to the high-quality graphics, animation and music the player can feel the charm of every season. Each season symbolizes a particular mood, which plays in different colors. In the “Vivaldi’s Seasons” video slot each season is presented as a beautiful girl.

Unfortunately, there is no bonus game in the “Vivaldi’s Seasons” online slot. As for the symbols, they are presented as the images of girls and playing cards. A combination of five Wild symbols brings additional thousand coins. Another feature of the slot is the activation of the free spin. The player has to collect at least three corresponding symbols to get a free spin, but the maximum number of free spins is seven.

“Vivaldi’s Seasons” online slot

“Vivaldi’s Seasons” online slot

4. Music Country

“Music Country” is an online slot game created by the company iSoftBet and dedicated to such genre of music as country. This slot will take you back in time to the world of cowboys and the best musicians of that epoch.

This slot has fairly simple structure and consists of five reels and twenty play lines, on which the winning combinations are formed. Symbols in “Music Country” slot presented as different country performers, as well as standard playing cards letters. The winning combination includes at least three matching symbols located along the play line. However, all the symbols have a different value. For example, a gramophone worth more than the usual playing cards letters.

The game also has multipliers, which help increasing achieved winning. The guitar player represents a Wild symbol and can replace other symbols on the game field. The Scatter symbol can bring up to x25 multiplier. Finally, if the player receives three bonus symbols, the bonus game starts. In this case, the user needs to hold onto the mechanical bull for as long as possible in order to get a maximum win.

“Music Country” online slot

“Music Country” online slot

5. DJ Moo Cow

“DJ Moo Cow” online slot is an exciting game designed in hip-hop theme, where various animals and a DJ have fun at an incendiary party. The slot includes five reels and twenty-five lines, as well as special features and symbols responsible for enriching the player.

The image with a “Wild” sign helps to complete a winning combination by replacing other symbols, except for Scatter. In addition, the size of the winnings will automatically double. The Scatter symbol brings a win regardless of its location on the game field. There is one more special symbol in the “DJ Moo Cow” online slot, and it’s an image of a cow. This symbol provides the highest payout in size from 2 to 2500 credits.

The bonus mini-game will be activated if the player receives two Scatter symbols at once. In this game, the user has to press the “stop” button to stop the rotation of the record disc by a DJ. The number of free spins is determined in a completely random way, but each free spin provides a winning with an increased payout ratio.

“DJ Moo Cow” online slot

“DJ Moo Cow” online slot

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