You Can Do These Tips If You Lose Your House Key

A locked door provides a sense of security and calm to your mind, but it can also be annoying when keys don’t work properly or even keys are lost. Before you decide to break down the door, you had better know some excellent ways to open your door when the key is lost. Meanwhile, we also recommend you call your local Locksmith if you need quick help from an expert.

Here we present the tips for you:

Use a Paper Clip

Residential interior doors, such as those in the bathroom and bedroom, lock in privacy but aren’t made to be impassable. The unlocked side of the door should have a small opening, possibly the front of the knob. Inside is a small button that you need to press to unlock the door. You only need a straight, rigid tool to open the lock. Try straightened paper clips or a small screwdriver. In some cases, locks will require you to insert a tool and twist. It will be necessary to use a screwdriver, but in a pinch, you may be able to hit the end of the paperclip.

Opening the Door Using the Key L

Another way to open a door whose key is lost is to use the L key. The L key is known to open various locked objects. The locked door is no exception. But what you need to know next is that first make sure the door that will be opened with the L key is a door with the right criteria. The right criteria for a door is a door that has a handle with a small, round hole in the middle. This type of door is then able to be temporarily opened using the L key.

Use a Credit Card for Old Model Doors

This method is indeed the simplest among others. Only by relying on a credit card or the like, the door can be opened. However, this method is only for old doors. If it is a modern door, this trick is ineffective because there is already a certain safety device built into it. You can also do this method yourself when you leave the key in the house.

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