Why Baitcaster Is The Best For You

Many people are certainly no stranger to baitcasting reel types. There are many types of baitcasting reels from several fishing gear brands, both those with big names and new names with varying specifications and prices depending on the budget of the mania. However, do you know if in terms of choosing a baitcasting reel is also an option that can be said to have a long impact in the future for the fisher? Therefore it requires knowledge and insight into the character of the baitcasting reel itself. There are important points in choosing the best baitcaster for money. So before choosing and buying it, you will never regret it because maybe the reel character is not what you expected beforehand.

The choice of a brand is certainly very influential, choose a brand that has been proven in the world of fishing because usually, the spare parts are available in after-sales service. This is of course very helpful for the mania when the spare part of the baitcasting reel for the mania is damaged and requires a replacement. A baitcasting reel with a good braking system will make it easier for us to use the baitcasting reel itself. The baitcasting reel braking system is divided into 2, namely magnetic brake and centrifugal brake. Both of these braking systems have their respective pluses and minuses depending on the user’s taste.

The higher the baitcasting gear reel ratio for the mania, the lower the torque produced. (Example: Reel Ratio 9 winds the rope very fast, but very heavy attracts the diving bait). Gear with brass material will ensure a longer service life, while gear with aluminum or plastic material is usually not as durable as brass and requires routine maintenance after several uses. The more bearings that are in the baitcasting reel for the mania, the smoother the rotation, but keep in mind, a reel with 5 quality bearings will be smoother than the usual 12 bearings. Therefore, choose a baitcasting reel brand that already has a good name in terms of quality. However, currently, mania can upgrade bearings in several bearing upgrade providers, which of course are handled by professionals in the field of loading and unloading baitcasting reels.

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