Types of Games in Paintball

If not played properly paintball can be very dangerous. The paintball gun’s firing rate should be set at 150-280 fps. Paintball shots at high speed can be very dangerous. Do not shoot at players who are not wearing face masks. In fact, don’t even point your gun at them, even if your rifle is not loaded. The following are some of the types of games in paintball. In addition, on gadgetrio.us you can get the best equipment.

Capture the Flag
In this match, two teams try to take the flag from the opposing area and bring it back to the team headquarters. If a player is shot, that player exits the game. If all opposing players are shot, the winning team can take the flag home freely. Usually, matches are timed. Even if all the opposing players have been shot, your team still has to carry the flag back to base. This game requires cooperation and good tactics.

In this game, two teams fight to defeat all opposing players. The match ends when all the players on a team lose, or the time limit has expired.

Fort Assault
In this game, one team each player has one life, and they have to protect the fort from the attacking team in a fairly short time. The raid team has unlimited respawn. This meant that if they got hit, they could go back to base, remove the paint, then attack the fort again. The match ends when the attacker takes control of the fort or the time limit is up.

Free-for-all (FFA)
This game is similar to Deathmatch, the difference is that there are no teams here. Usually, several players will ally and later betray each other. How interesting, right?

Play by local rules. All paintball facilities have a strict set of rules and must be followed for the safety of you and your fellow players. For example, the 3-meter rule means that a player is prohibited from shooting at an opponent at a distance of fewer than 3 meters because it is dangerous. Some paintball facilities give you bonus points based on your tactics or play. Each facility usually has different types of rules and games, but the basics remain the same.

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