Simple Technique of Making Fresh Flower Arrangements

For those of you who have a lot of free time and happen to be flower lovers, maybe you can try learning how to arrange flowers. Besides being able to fill in the time, you can resell the flower arrangements at the flower shop so that it becomes a source of income. Of course flower arrangement is not an easy job, it takes a willingness to keep practicing making a flower arrangement that has artistic value. Making fresh flower arrangements is now a popular activity because it can train one’s patience as well as creativity in making a series into an artistic work of art. Sure, some flower arrangements can seem very complicated to work with, but some are easy to make even for beginners

Making a flower arrangement using the basing technique, which is arranging flowers with an emphasis on the lower area of ??the arrangement. Using this technique means that the flower arrangement will emphasize more on color, shape, dimension, and visual balance arranged in such a way as to get a harmonious arrangement. The next technique in making fresh flower arrangements is a layering or often technique called stacking. Layering is part of the basing technique, which is an arrangement technique by making arrangements of flowers, leaves, and other materials as if in layers to create a visual effect. Generally, this technique arranges the petals from the smallest to the largest sizes with harmonious and artistic color gradations. The terracing technique is similar to the concept of terracing in rice fields in making several steps or levels. The terracing technique is the technique of making multilevel flower arrangements. The way to arrange it is quite easy, namely by placing a flower that has a smaller size at the top and a flower with a large size at the bottom. The terracing technique is easy to apply to lotus flower arrangements because it has a flat top surface.

The technique for making the next fresh flower arrangement is the pave technique. This technique forms a circular arrangement which is then filled with similar flowers with a size that is not too large. The pave technique can be used on some flowers with beautiful colors like chrysanthemums for example. But remember to pay attention to the color grouping, so that the series becomes more interesting.