Muscle Pain That Doesn’t Heal Can Be A Symptom Of This Disease

Muscle pain is indeed a common health complaint. It seems, almost everyone has experienced muscle pain. Most muscle pain is not a sign of a serious condition and usually resolves quickly with proper treatment. But, what if your muscle pain doesn’t go away? You can use Pure Mana CBD. Be careful, this condition could be caused by the following diseases.

Lack of Calcium
Lack of calcium can cause a person to experience symptoms, such as muscle pain, muscle cramps, tingling hands, and in severe cases it can cause seizures. Various causes for a person can be deficient in calcium, including vitamin D deficiency, end-stage kidney problems, and parathyroid hormone disorders.

Vitamin D deficiency
Lack of vitamin D can also cause muscle pain and muscle cramps. This condition is most often experienced by people who are rarely exposed to sunlight. In addition, vitamin D deficiency is also one of the causes of osteomalacia disease. Other symptoms of osteomalacia include weight loss, muscle weakness (especially in the waist and thighs), and changes in the shape of the spine and limbs.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease characterized by muscle pain all over the body. Muscle pain due to fibromyalgia can last in the long term but can be relieved by medication and lifestyle changes. This disease is also often accompanied by various other complaints, such as feeling tired when you wake up in the morning, anxiety, depression, and indigestion. Until now it is not known what the exact cause of fibromyalgia is. Although this disease affects the muscles, pain in these tissues is not followed by damage to muscle tissue, in contrast to arthritis or other inflammation.

Unlike fibromyalgia, muscle pain due to myalgia only occurs in a small number of body muscles or can spread throughout the body. The severity also varies, from mild to unbearable. Most myalgia usually goes away in a short time, but in some cases it can last longer. This muscle pain can also spread to the neck, back, legs, and hands.