Guns N’ Roses video slot

Game review: Guns N’ Roses video slot

Net Entertainment is one of the leading developers of the world’s most successful online casino games. This company is well-known for creative plots and distinguishing features of its games. “Guns N’ Roses” is a music-themed video slot dedicated to the popular rock band Guns N’ Roses. These musicians can boast 6 albums, which have conquered the top of the most popular music charts. The name of the band symbolizes the harmony between a heavy music and romantic and, at times, sentimental lyrics.

It should be noted, that the video slot itself is very original and focuses on the nuances of the main story line of the game. And although the main theme of the slot is narrowly targeting certain category of users, the gameplay entrains and provides a lot of visual pleasure. Therefore, it is not necessary to be a fan of this heavy metal band to try to win prizes and enjoy a thematic design of this legendary video slot.

1. Design

The Guns N' Roses slot features a realistic, detailed and atmospheric design that true fans of hard rock will definitely appreciate. The main design is aimed to transfer the user to an open air concert with thousands of fans under the blue sky. The dark background is in stark contrast to the bright, photo-like picture depicting the musicians' logo. The unique charm of rock music creates a thematic mood, immersing the connoisseur of virtual entertainment into an atmosphere of noisy concerts, fame and future success. An amazing Guns N' Roses soundtrack enhances the impressions visually obtained from the unique design of the slot. And since the theme of the slot is dedicated to the art of Guns N' Roses, the gamers will find symbols and images appropriate to the style of the band.

The “Guns N’ Roses” online slot

The “Guns N’ Roses” online slot

2. Interface

You can find many of the NetEnt games in different translations. However, the interface of the Guns N’ Roses video slot is understandable in any language. In general, the main elements of the control panel are the same, as in the most of the games of this developer. The only exception is the “Set List” tab, where you can select your favorite songs of the band.

The interface of the slot includes the main game field, game control buttons (Play, Autoplay, Max Bet) and the windows indicating the current bet, level, coin value and total winnings. In the lower menu, you can adjust the size of the bet and control the bank’s expenditure. The “i” button opens a table with a complete description of all winning combinations and coefficients. In addition to the "symbol playout values" table, there are pages of even more detailed description of the symbols and bonuses. The center button starts the reels. There’s also a possibility of an auto game.

The navigation panel of the “Guns N’ Roses” video slot is located at the left bottom corner of the interface and shows the player all traditional keys to control the slot. Using “game settings”, you can adjust various parameters of sound and screen. The download of the video slot is not necessary. The game control process is so simple that it will not cause any difficulties to even novice players.

The control panel of the “Guns N’ Roses” slot

The control panel of the “Guns N’ Roses” slot

3. Gameplay

The game process starts with a review of the technical characteristics of the slot. After that the user is transferred to the main game window with the slot itself. The slot includes 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 lines. On the reels of the “Guns N’ Roses” online slot you will find 15 images, which show the main members of the rock band, painted guitar mediators and card denominations from 10 to ace. After a real or virtual bet is made the reels start to spin. All of the images form combinations and bring a win according to their coefficients. The winning combination must consist of 3 or more identical symbols, located on the reels from left to right, starting from the first column. Gaming indicators show the user the size of the win and the current bet, as well as a number of coins assign to the spin.

Winning combinations of the “Gun N’ Roses” slot

Winning combinations of the “Gun N’ Roses” slot

4. Bonuses

At the beginning of the bonus game, the user must spin the Bonus Wheel. The result of the spin will determine which kind of bonus game will be played. There are three main options:

a. Crowd Pleaser Bonus. In this bonus game, the player has to randomly select any images. Each image opens a prize. The game has three levels and the prize size increases with every step. If the player manages to go through all the levels, he gets a free spin with special conditions.

b. Encore Free Spins. This bonus game provides 10 free spins. Almost every free spin brings winning combinations since a vertical wild-symbol with the image of one of the musicians is placed on the three central reels.

c. Instant prize payment. The user receives a payout right away.

Bonus Wheel

Bonus Wheel

5. Special features

The reels have a total of fifteen images, including themed Guns N’ Roses and symbols decorated with roses. Winning lines should have at least three matches in different combinations, but one symbol must be located on the first reel.

Such symbols as Wild (game logo) and Bonus (vinyl record) have special features. The Wild symbol does not participate in forming combinations but can replace any other symbol on the reel. In the “Guns N’ Roses” slot, the Wild symbol has two types: standard and expanding (occupies the entire reel completely). One of the types of the Wild symbol is cross-shaped “Appetite for Destruction Wild” symbol, which expands up to 5 images and replaces other symbols. The Bonus symbol located on the first, third and fifth reel at the same time starts a bonus game.

Symbols of the ‘Gun N’ Roses” online slot

Symbols of the ‘Gun N’ Roses” online slot

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