Choosing a Gaming Mouse Based on the Game

Broadly speaking, gaming mouse are divided into two types, namely for FPS and for MMO. Since each type of mouse has different characteristics, choose it based on the type of game you are playing.

For FPS games: Pay attention to DPI, polling rate, and IPS
In FPS games, it is important to be able to aim at the target quickly so that your shots are more accurate. Let’s look at the characteristics of the mouse that is right for this type of game.

Choose the DPI that can be adjusted according to the sensitivity and accuracy required
DPI (dots per inch) is a number that shows the number of points reached when the mouse was moved one inch. So, you can run your character faster with only a few hand movements. That way, your hands won’t get tired easily. On the other hand, when you use a mouse with a low DPI, you can aim more precisely and easily. If you play several different types of games, choose a mouse that can change the DPI.

The higher the polling rate, the faster the PC will read the information from the mouse
The polling rate is the amount of information sent from the mouse to the PC per second. The higher the number, the faster the information will be captured by the PC when a button is pressed. Of course, high polling rates can increase your advantage when playing. In FPS games like PUBG or Counter-Strike, the enemy will continue to move. So, the timing of shooting and hiding is very important. Of course, it will be very frustrating if you lose due to a slow response from the mouse.

High IPS can respond to fast hand movements
IPS (inches per second) or tracking speed is a numerical value that shows how fast the mouse is responding to your movements. If the IPS is high, of course moving the cursor becomes smoother even at high speeds. Conversely, a mouse with a low IPS will be slow to respond even if you move it quickly.

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