3 Ways To Clean Soldering Eyes

Back to discussing soldering again, this time I will share tips on how to use a soldering eye and how to clean the solder tin on the PCB because the original function of soldering is used to solder in, but sometimes people use solder to solder plastics and other materials. Therefore, don’t forget to always buy the best magnetic tool holders to get the best quality.

And what causes the solder to be dirty, the solder eyes are always black is due to the plastic soldering or indeed the use of the solder has been too long. But take it easy because here the LED TV site will provide a tutorial on how to repair a damaged soldering eye or clean it.

Simple Ways to Clean Dirty Soldering Eyes
This method is a method of cleaning soldering eyes that is often used by electronics technicians and smartphone technicians. You do this by rubbing the solder eyes with a wet sponge, but sometimes people find it difficult to get the sponge, and here we will describe it with materials that are easy to find.

Using Wet Wipes
The simple way we offer is to use wet wipes, how to take enough dry tissue, and then put it in the water. After that, squeeze a little so that the tissue is not too wet.

How to clean it, please rub the dirty solder eyes on the wet wipes that have been provided, and wipe the tissue on the solder eyes. It should be noted that when rubbing the solder blade the solder must be hot or on.

Now that the solder eyes are shiny clean and you can coat the solder eyes with tin again, please use them again. This method is a very easy way to clean dirty solder eyes without having to find a sponge or solder cleaner.

Using Soldering Cleaning Liquid
The second way to clean a soldering eye is to use a solder cleaner, many names of soldering cleaning fluids are sold in the market. If this is the case, the way to clean it is just to insert the solder tip and wait for the soldering eye to shine again.

Solder Solder Technique
Here, use a glass filled with water and one tablespoon of coarse salt, then prepare a power supply of at least 5 volts (maybe more) with a current capacity of 3 amperes. Connect to the water in the glass provided, positive (red) clamp the solder eye (dirty), while the negative (black) clamps the steel plate. Wait up to 3o minutes to adjust the abrasion result which is getting better until the l-men is white.

That’s the way to clean dirty soldering eyes with sponges, wet wipes, and solder cleaning fluid that I can equate, hopefully, it’s useful for electrical technicians.

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